September 19, 2019

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The History of The Airbag

During collision or impact, airbags are instantly inflated by a crash sensor to trigger a...+More
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Tyre Speed Ratings And What You Need To Know

Every car tyre comes with a specified speed rating. The speed rating indicated the maximum speed a tyre...+More
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How To Keep A Crack On A Windscreen From Spreading

A chip or crack on your windscreen can expand if not attended to early enough. Here, I will put us through...+More
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Finally Nigeria Immigration Service to roll-out 10-year validity e-Passport

1. Lagos Passport Office will issue new 10-year-validity e-Passport in June The new form of...+More

Why does water keep coming out of the car exhaust?

It might not be a bad idea if the exhaust holds water but once it...+More

Best used cars to buy in Nigeria 2019

It is important when buying a used car that you know the best fit for...+More
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Comparison review: Lexus RX vs Acura MDX (second generation)

1. Introduction The Lexus RX and Acura MDX are two very popular SUVs in the...+More

See what a $450 million classic car collection looks like!

UK businessman Rodger Dudding is famous for his over $450 million worth car collection. You'll...+More

Price of Lexus RX 300 in Nigeria

Are you interested in buying Lexus RX 300 but still having doubt whether you can...+More
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Hyundai Elantra price in Nigeria

Be a fan of this 2018 Best Compact Car Awards winner? Check out Hyundai Elantra...+More
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