Prices of best trucks in Nigeria

Prices of best trucks in Nigeria

Haulage is an aspect of a transport business that involves the movement of goods. It can be by road or rail, but this article focuses on the use of roads.

This business has received massive patronage in Nigeria even though there are challenges involved, ranging from bad roads to dishonest drivers and security men.

If you are interested in this business, one of the most important things to get right is your truck. If you get the right one, then you would have cut down on the cost of maintenance which would reduce expenses. Therefore we would be highlighting the best trucks for your haulage business in the country. Considerations would include the durability, the space for cargo the maintenance costs, availability of spare parts and how much our local mechanics understand its handling.With this background information, let us dive in to find out the best trucks for haulage and their prices in Nigeria!

2. Truck prices in Nigeria

  • DAF truck prices

Nigerian used: ₦3milion – ₦4 million

Tokunbo: ₦6milion – ₦7 million

  • Mack truck prices

Tokunbo: ₦3milion – ₦4 million

Brand new: ₦6milion – ₦7 million

  • IVECO truck prices

Tokunbo: ₦6milion – ₦9 million

Brand new: ₦20 million upward

  • MAN truck prices

Tokunbo: ₦7milion – ₦12 million

  • MERCEDES truck prices

Tokunbo: ₦4milion – ₦9 million

3. Reviews on the best truck brands in Nigeria

3.1 DAF trucks

DAF trucks are very common in Nigeria and there are several reasons for this. They are very durable and reliable. They are able to keep moving no matter what and have lesser problems. DAF trucks also have the cheapest spare parts in the market. These spare parts are easily accessible to buyers. You can get a good Tokunbo DAF truck between 6 and 7 million Naira. A Nigerian used can go for between 3 and 4 million nairas. In addition to all this, they also have relatively low fuel consumption and operational costs.

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3.2 MACK trucks

These are one of the most common trucks in Nigeria, especially, the R series. They were first introduced in 1960 and then discontinued in 2005. You can, however, still find them available in Nigeria. The prizes for the tokunbos are usually around 6-9 million nairas. You can get Nigerian ones between 4 and 7 million nairas. Brand-new trucks would be between 11 and 15 million nairas. The prices vary widely; it depends on the condition of the vehicle, the number of tires and weight in tonnes and if it is double or single axle.


Though discontinued back in 2005, there are Mack trucks that are available for sale on the market

3.3. IVECO trucks

This is another popular brand in Nigeria. The most popular models are the IVECO Eurostar introduced in 1993 and the IVECO Stralis introduced in 2003. The Eurostar comes in 3 different levels which provide 375 HP, 420Hp and 514 HP. The two brands can be obtained at between 6 and 9 million for the tokunbos. Brand new trucks are usually about 20million naira and above. IVECO is also rugged and its engine provides enough power to move over our Nigerian roads.


The Iveco trucks are built for the rugged

3.4. MAN trucks

MAN Trucks are common in Nigeria and they are also noted for their durability. They, however, are more expensive than the rest. A good tokunbo MAN truck may fall between 7 and 12 million nairas, depending on the condition of the vehicle and number of tires.


The prices vary due to the number of tires as well as the condition of the car

3.5 Mercedes-Benz trucks

Even though it is not as common as the top three, the Mercedes truck also features on this list. It usually goes for between 4 and 9 million nairas, depending on the condition of the vehicle.

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There are other haulage trucks that have not been mentioned including LHD, Ford, Volvo, GMC, and others. But the ones listed are the more common ones in the business.


Many don’t expect to see the luxury brand join hands at building trucks but it does

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4. General tips for haulage truck

  • Ensure you go for double axle trucks. Double axle trucks would carry more weight, are suitable for longer distances and provide stability for your truck as you drive. Furthermore, sometimes, you can get it for a prize not too distant from a single axle truck which is usually cheaper.
  • Make sure you take someone that knows about trucks along when you want to buy one so you are not ripped off.
  • Take care of your drivers. Also, monitor the very very closely. To a large extent, they determine the success of your business.
  • Diesel trucks are very effective, although you might have to spend more, they are almost always good to go.
  • You can always buy a truck head and then refurbish. Each should go between 1.2m to 1.5 m naira.

So that’s all about the 5 best trucks in Nigeria & their prices accompanied by tips for buying haulage trucks in the country. Hope this article helps you in choosing the right vehicle and brand for your future business. Also, don’t forget is the number one online car platform for buying and selling in Nigeria. Check out our Cars for salesection for all cars for sale in Nigeria right now!

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